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Cooperative History in Malaysia

The introduction of the Cooperative Movement by the British colonialists was initially to solve the problem of indebtedness of rural farmers. The practice of the ‘Padi Kuncha loan system’ or ‘never-never system’ which allows the borrower to sell the harvested rice to the lender below the market price has become a major factor in the problem. The introduction of cooperatives in the city is to create organizations that provide saving and lending services to reduce serious indebtedness among government officials and private workers by providing a competitive alternative to private lending companies.

The British Colonial Government is committed to reducing the indebtedness problem that occurs among officials and workers because it has a negative impact on the development implemented. In 1922, the Federal Legislative Council passed the Cooperative Enactment which allowed the registration of cooperatives to promote the economic interests of its members. The Department of Co-operative Societies was established in Taiping, Perak before moving to the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Building, Kuala Lumpur two years later, in 1924. Sir Alexander Cavendish, was appointed as the first Director of the Department of Co-operative Societies and also Registrar of Cooperative Companies.



Maktab Bekerja Sama-sama Malaya


Maktab Kerjasama Malaysia

2011 - 2019

Maktab Koperasi Malaysia


Institut Koperasi Malaysia


Universiti Keusahawanan Koperasi Malaysia

Higher Education Programs

Diploma Cooperative Management (MKM 1991-2014)

The Cooperative Management Diploma is a long-term course of the Malaysian Cooperative College (MKM) that was introduced since 1991. This intensive program is a special and challenging opportunity for cooperative leaders and members to enable them to gain knowledge and hold higher positions. It is an opportunity for SPM graduates to continue their education to a higher level and obtain a better position. As of 2016, a total of 970 graduates have successfully completed their studies in the program.

iCOOP College (IKM 2015 – 2021)

iCOOP College started its operation as a private higher education institution since July 2015. It is the first college in Malaysia to offer cooperative courses. The establishment of the course has changed the landscape of the local education field which later became an inspiration for the establishment of cooperative universities in Malaysia. iCOOP College offers education-related services and shares expertise to the public in order to empower the local cooperative education sector to be more systematic. However, iCOOP College operations had to be stopped to make way for the establishment of the Malaysian Cooperative Entrepreneurship University.

Universiti Keusahawanan Koperasi Malaysia (IKMa 2022 – Now)

Universiti Keusahawanan Koperasi Malaysia (UKKM) is a private boutique university established under the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development (KUSKOP) led by the Malaysian Cooperative Institute (IKMa) through UKKM Education Sdn. Bhd. which is a subsidiary of MKM Global Holdings Sdn Bhd. The innovative idea of establishing UKKM was inspired by YB Senator Tan Sri Dato Sri Dr. Haji Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar (former Minister of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development) to generate transformation by creating a cooperative university as an initiative to produce a generation of entrepreneurship literate graduates. This notion was also raised during the Parlimentary session at that time. The main goal of the establishment of UKKM is to establish a university based on cooperative entrepreneurship to improve the professional development of cooperative human capital in line with the wishes of YB Tan Sri Noh Bin Haji Omar, (former Minister of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development).

Malaysian Cooperative Entrepreneurship University (UKKM) has successfully obtained approval for the establishment of the university as a university-level private higher education institution (IPTS) dated 28 March 2022 at a handover ceremony handed over by YBM Ministry of Higher Education to YBM KUSKOP on 28 April 2022. UKKM will start operating by offering academic programs starting from diploma level to doctoral degree (PhD). UKKM was officially launched by YB Datuk Ewon Benedick (Minister of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development) which began formally operations at the end of March 2023.

The uniqueness of this university is that UKKM will be the only leader in the development of intellectual human capital who has comprehensive knowledge in the field of cooperative entrepreneurship to support the Shared Prosperity Vision (WKB2030) and the Cooperative Transformation Plan (TransKoM). UKKM aims to be the best private higher education institution in the local and international arena in producing more holistic graduates with cooperative entrepreneurial characteristics in Malaysia. UKKM has also entered into strategic cooperation with cooperatives to make UKKM belong to the cooperative movement in producing human capital with an entrepreneurial spirit and a true cooperative spirit.

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